At China King, we provide delicious MSG-free Chinese food delivery to residents of Orange Beach, AL!

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When it comes to Asian food, no one else prepares such universally desired cuisine as we do Chinese cuisine. China King is your local Chinese restaurant...
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Who does not want some food delivery after a long day at work and a sad and empty fridge? What mother would not like to take a break from cooking...
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From weddings, graduations, and special anniversaries to birthday parties, church gatherings, and corporate events, a large amount of guests...

We have all of your favorite Chinese dishes and more at China King: the best restaurant in town!

Welcome to China King

Chinese restaurants may be easy to find, but amazingly delicious Chinese cuisine is not always as available. At China King, we are proud to be one of the top providers of incredible Chinese food in Orange Beach, AL.

You will find an abundance of flavors in all of our dishes at China King, as well as top-quality ingredients and enough food to satisfy your hunger. “We do not add MSG” to any of our plates and we are proud to offer food that is as healthy as it is delicious. Our restaurant is clean, organized, and cozy and our staff is attentive and always ready to take care of you.

From Sesame Chicken to Honey Chicken, which are both very popular dishes, our menu items will please your taste buds and satisfy your cravings. We do our best to create dishes that are authentic and flavorful and that make you want to visit China King for those moments when you must have one of your favorite Chinese dishes.

We prepare all of our food in a quick and timely manner while still providing our clientele with high-quality meals. You can stop in for lunch break as many business people do in this area of the city. While lunch hour is a busy time for us, you will be pleased to see that whether busy or slow, our service is always punctual and satisfactory.

Whether you are ordering takeout or would love to hire us to cater any of your special events, you can rest assured that you will not be disappointed with our food or our prompt service. Contact us today for delivery! We promise we will provide!